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Understanding the Woman in Your Life

  • This is a book for any man who is struggling to understand the woman in his life – some of the time, most of the time or all of the time. An entertaining, no-nonsense guide, it is full of relationship-saving advice, delivered with warmth, as well as the occasional wake-up punch. When it comes to daily life with a partner, this book will give many men that ‘Aha!’ moment.

    Written by Steve Vinay Gunther, a psychotherapist and leading Australian Gestalt practitioner, Understanding the Woman in Your Life strides fearlessly into that dreaded arena ‘the relationship’. With engaging humour and an experienced eye, he dissects spookily familiar encounters from everyday life (in the bedroom, the kitchen, the lounge room, then back again to the bedroom) to help men succeed in the challenging engagement of life with their partner. This book helps men understand how to live with this perplexing other species – and delivers life-changing skills in a memorable way. Steve Vinay Gunther says, ‘Typically, in relationships, men do not take problems seriously enough until it’s too late. This book is about seeing where the difficulties are for both of you, learning what it is you are doing and then realising how to improve things. It’s also about being proactive, and preventing some of the problems from developing in the first place.’

    ‘Yes,Yes,Yes, I said aloud as I read this book. It makes real sense. Steve articulates the things that women want in an easy-to-read way without the emotion and complications, so men will be able to take on board what he is saying. Bedtime in households across the country will be a whole lot earlier.’ Susanna Freymark, writer.

    ‘Steve Vinay Gunther has captured what is truly important in relationships. He provides valuable insights into the dynamics of successful relating in everyday life. As a therapist I consider this an excellent reference book and a wonderful guide to promoting happy and healthy relationships.’ Shirley Hughes, counsellor.

    Personally, learning how to create a lasting, satisfying relationship is something I seem to need a lesson in every day. This book is full of the sort of practical advice that helps us men when we flounder. It’s one for the bedside table or perfect as a wedding present for any starry-eyed groom.’ Alan Close, columnist and author.

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