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Raising Your Child in a Digital World

  • Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict

    Parents today are faced with children who tap, swipe and pinch before they can tie their shoelaces or ride a bike. Two-year-olds know the ins and outs of every remote in the house, and new gadgets or apps appear daily promising to make children smarter and faster…

    Many parents are worried about the effects all this technology is having on their children’s physical health and development. They feel guilty about the amount of time their children watch TV or play with iPads, but admit that trying to wrestle a digital device out of their child’s hand can frequently result in massive conflict and tantrums!

    In Raising Your Child in a Digital World, leading children’s technology researcher and mum, Dr Kristy Goodwin, shows you healthy, safe and practical ways to incorporate technology into your children’s learning and development. She takes the latest evidence-based research findings from all over the world to establish, in simple terms, what is actually okay for children to use and what to avoid and when. Using the seven foundations of early childhood development Dr Kristy explains how parents can develop healthy digital habits in their children and use technology to promote and safeguard their whole wellbeing. This book will allow parents to finally put an end to the guesswork and guilt about raising their children in a digital age.

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  • 'All parents should have Dr Kristy on speed-dial – if only they knew how to use their phones!'  – Hugh Baldwin, Director, Television & Digital Content, Nickelodeon Australia

    ‘Dr Kristy Goodwin understands what parents are most concerned about and … reminds all of us that what matters most for raising 21st- century children is what has always mattered most – the convergence of interactive media and interactions with others.’ – Chip Donohue, PhD, Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, TEC Center Director, Fred Rogers Center Advisory Council Member

    ‘Parents need more information about how to survive and thrive in this digital age. In ‘unpacking’ key research for parents, Dr Kristy Goodwin’s work here presents a much needed resource.’ – Dr Kate Highfield, Macquarie University, Institute of Early Childhood

    ‘Now more than ever we need this book! Kristy delivers the research… but more than anything she solidifies the need for play, connected relationships and getting outdoors in nature and that you don’t have to give up one to have the other. Bravo!’ – Kerry Spina, Mum and founder of Kids in Harmony

    'Raising Your Child in a Digital World is an essential parenting handbook full of handy and useful tips. Kristy also highlights any potential risks to manage devices in the digital world, so you don’t have to worry about their screen-time.' – Pamela Moore, Mum of three and teacher

    'Parents no longer need to feel overwhelmed, confused and worried as they navigate this new digital terrain. Complete with techno-tips, myth-busters and case studies … a must read for all parents of young children.’ - Ani Tuna Founder and Editor of Mum Life Australia

    ‘Kids and tech use is the great unknown for modern parents. Dr Kristy has a great ability to demystify, interpret and cut through the hype. We were so lucky to have her as our resident expert.’ - Hugh Baldwin, Director, Television & Digital Content, Nickelodeon Australia

  • Dr Kristy Goodwin comments on wifi radiation fears for 7 News.