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Little Pink Book, The

  • “This books answers all the questions I have been asked over the last 30 years,” Dr Phillip Yuile.

    A complete, comprehensive Australian medical guide for those diagnosed with breast cancer

    This book answers the key questions asked by women when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr Phillip Yuile, a leading Australian oncologist, has compiled this extensive reference in response to his patients’ requests for simple, clear and informed medical advice.

    The Little Pink Book covers every stage of breast cancer from diagnosis to the end of treatment and follow-up care. Written in an easy-to-follow accessible style, this book explains all the latest treatments available, what they involve, what drugs are used, their benefits and their side effects. It covers each step taken in the different treatments and offers information as to what to expect. There are also stories and helpful advice from patients included throughout the book.

    Dr Yuile writes: ‘When women are diagnosed with breast cancer they naturally have uncertainty, fear and the desire to access more information. I believe this straightforward, practical book can make a difference to women’s care.’

    ‘A skilled and compassionate observer such as Phillip Yuile learns much from his patients about what people need to know, and how to help them find it out…There is something in this book for everyone who knows a person with breast cancer.’ – Professor Paul Harnett, Director of Cancer Services, Westmead Hospital, Sydney

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