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Holistic Nutrition

  • The food, fitness and lifestyle advice that finally makes sense for women!

    For years, women have been led to believe that a) thinner = more attractive and b) in order to attain or maintain this body type, we must eat less and exercise more. Heeding this advice has resulted in many women being unhappy and struggling with body image issues, infertility, moodiness, fatigue and still not managing to lose excess weight … and sometimes gaining even more!

    What’s worse is this behaviour is causing damage to women’s long-term hormonal health, contributing to issues such as under-active thyroid, obesity, pre-diabetes, PCOS, heart conditions and depression.

    Kate Callaghan understands this all too well. For years, she exercised like a maniac and restricted her daily food intake to less than 1400 calories. She was a bundle of muscle at 13% body fat and a six-pack to boot. She looked healthy, with many saying she had the ‘ideal body’. However, she lost her period, was infertile and struggled with deteriorating bone mass. As a health professional, she was horrified by what she had done to herself, so she set about reconstructing her health using the process she shares in Holistic Nutrition.

    In a down-to-earth and conversational manner, Kate demystifies the science behind female hormones and how they are affected by diet, exercise and stress. She explains why low-carb diets are likely to hinder rather than help most women achieve optimum health and offers many alternatives on how to eat and exercise instead. Kate offers solutions to very common problems such as how to lose excess body fat, build muscle, reduce bloating, sleep better, increase energy and not worry all the time about what to eat. Best of all, Kate outlines the ways women can help nourish their bodies to not only look good, but also feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

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  • ‘Hormone health and ditching diet and fitness fads is the (refreshing!) future of wellness. Kate is on the cutting edge of this, walking her talk.’Sarah Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar

    ‘Holistic Nutrition is a must read for any woman …’ – Carla and Emma Papas (The Merrymaker Sisters)

    “This book is like a deep and wonderful conversation with your (very smart and clued-in) best friend… I loved it from the very first chapter!” – Libby Babet, gym owner and fitness professional

  • Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar speaks frankly and openly with
    Kate Callaghan about her book Holistic Nutrition.