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Finch Bumper Book of Parenting, ages 2 – 6, The

  • This value-packed book gives readers an unrivalled collection of advice from 13 of Australia’s most renowned parenting practitioners. Key advice from highly-acclaimed Finch parenting titles is combined into one volume for easy access to the topics that most concern parents.

    Finch Publishing, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012, is recognised worldwide for the quality of its Australian parenting list including Steve Biddulph’s bestseller, Raising Boys.

    The valuable advice in the book covers:

    • The first social skills your child will need
    • Bullying: the warning signs
    • What makes a good father?
    • Dental care
    • Understanding allergies
    • Fight pester power!
    • Teach your child to be the boss of his or her fears
    • The benefits of rough-and-tumble play
    • Identifying your child’s emotional needs
    • Promoting family togetherness
    • Discipline in a loving home

    Our contributing experts are:

    1. Steve Biddulph
    2. Evelyn Field
    3. John Irvine
    4. Richard Fletcher
    5. Janet Hall
    6. John Cooper
    7. Ken Mellor
    8. Elizabeth Mellor
    9. Vicky Flory
    10. Tania Andrusiak
    11. Daniel Donahoo
    12. Eve Reed
    13. Patricia McVeagh

    Finch Publishing titles are available in paperback or ebook  in-store or on order from all good bookshops and online retailers nationwide. Please support your local bookshop.

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