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Boyfriends We’ve All Had (and Shouldn’t Have)


    In the prologue to Boyfriends We’ve All Had (and Shouldn’t Have), Mandy Nolan says: ‘I will never forget my first love letter. It was a moment that opened me to the possibility that I could be the object of someone else’s desire. I was 11 years old. It was simple, strangely poignant and obnoxious, all at the same time. It said:

    “My name is William Sommerfield. I wear white. I have seen you on the bus. If you don’t go with me, you can get ******.”

    Despite his eloquent turn of phrase I took the latter option. And I have never looked back.  Until now.’

    In Boyfriends We’ve All Had (and Shouldn’t Have) Mandy Nolan turns her acerbic wit onto boyfriends past … and no one escapes her observations. From the needy besotted drip to the brooding unavailable bad boy, from Mr New Age to Mr Moody, Mandy has seen them all come and go in her quest for Mr Right. This is a hilarious and revealing look at the emotional, pot-boiling mess and angst of romantic relationships.  It’s wicked. Sometimes touching. But always funny. And did we mention wicked? You have been warned …

    ‘I have learnt more reading two chapters of Boyfriends than I have from the joy of sex, the Karma Sutra and 40 years of Penthouse Forum combined. This book should come with a warning: “contains truth”.’ Tex Perkins

    ‘Reading this book is like having a long boozy arvo with your best and naughtiest girlfriend.’ Catherine Devaney

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