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Becoming a Mother

  • There is perhaps no other journey quite like becoming a mother for the first time. In the moment of birth it is not only a baby that is born, but a mother too.

    For most, it is a moment filled with joy. Yet for many new mothers, it may soon be followed by confusion and self-doubt. We wonder if we will ever emerge from those difficult early days and become the loving, confident mothers we long to be.

    Becoming a Mother explores this emotional journey. It reminds us that, as mothers, in amongst all that we don’t know and feel we are doing wrong, there are many, many things we are doing wonderfully right.

    This book releases women from the pressure to be perfect mothers. Becoming a Mother explores the often unspoken challenges of caring for a baby in the first year and the complex emotions we may experience as we are transformed into mothers. Through the inspiration of women’s stories we come to see that we are not alone … and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    The first year is a time of profound transformation – and for all of its challenges, a wonderfully rich experience. Our babies grow and we do too. It is a love story like no other. It is the passage of becoming a mother.


    ‘Becoming a Mother … will encourage all mothers to relax, enjoy the journey and learning experience, and be left with wonderful memories.’ – Dr David Wood, AM, paediatrician, Children’s Health Queensland, and a founder of Act For Kids (formerly the Abused Child Trust)

    ‘I highly recommend this thought-provoking book to mothers and to professionals who support them.’ – Karen McCloskey, midwife and child birth educator for over 30 years

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