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Baby Care

  • Baby Care contains acclaimed advice for parents of newborns from an Australian mothercare/childcare professional awarded an Order of Australia for her services to infant health and the care of mothers and babies.

    The arrival of a new baby can be an overwhelming event. This book helps parents understand the needs of the tiny individual who has entered their lives and provides reassuring advice about the many ways to meet these needs. Rhodanthe Lipsett has drawn together her knowledge, experience, and her wisdom gained over a lifetime of caring for babies and those who care for them. She has added to that the best advice from experts in the field. The book’s subtitle is ‘Nurturing your baby your way’, and that is exactly what this book is about.

    Rhodanthe’s approach is both reassuring and empowering for new parents. Her message is that there is ‘no one right way’ to look after your baby – allowing parents to understand there are options rather than rigid rules. Baby Care covers every possible topic of interest for those who are caring for a new baby. There are useful sections on communicating with your baby, understanding what those baby cries are telling you, feeding, sleeping and wakefulness, growth and development, how to deal with postnatal problems which might emerge (such as depression). The book helps you get started with caring for your new baby, and takes you step-by-step through breastfeeding, reasons for crying, care and feeding, sleeplessness and bottle feeding – all the essential things you will need to know to nurture and care for your baby in the first three months of life.

    Baby Care is an updated and fully revised edition of No ‘One Right Way’ – a highly-praised and comprehensive guide to the issues of baby care that new parents face, based on the author’s 50 year’s experience specialising in infant and maternal health.

    Rhodanthe writes: ‘In my book I address in detail the difficulties faced by parents in the early days and weeks after the birth of their babies. My aim is to inform, assist, inspire and encourage parents, particularly mothers who are most often the principal caregivers, so that they can have more ‘up times’ than ‘down times’. If they can experience less anxiety and more confidence in the early weeks, I believe it can set the pattern for the months and years ahead.’

    A donation from every copy of Baby Care sold goes to the Indigenous Midwifery Charitable Fund to train Indigenous midwives so they are able to work in their own community.

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