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20 Tips for Parents


    20 Tips for Parents: The realistic guide to understanding and shaping your child’s behaviour is a realistic, practical and down-to-earth look at dealing with many of the common concerns that parents have in managing their children’s behaviour. Based on his extensive years of work with parents and children at The Royal Alexandria Hospital for Children and then The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Professor Kim Oates offers invaluable advice on:

    • identifying bad advice and parenting myths;

    • coping with tantrums;

    • dealing with fussy or picky eaters;

    • managing ‘helpful’ advice from family members and friends;

    • using discipline that works;

    • deciding on how much TV and when;

    • respecting and understanding children’s feelings;

    • separating behaviour from the child’s personality; and

    • loving unconditionally.

    Catering from toddlers to early adolescence, Kim Oates’s main message is for parents to stop trying to be perfect parents, as this often causes unnecessary pressure and anxiety. Instead he advises parents to focus on being a ‘good enough’ parent. Along with a range of illustrative stories and examples from his many years of working with children and their parents, he shows how a parents’ own upbringing can unintentionally influence some of their parenting decisions. Additionally Kim Oates dispels many of the common myths that are associated with parenting, and offers sensible alternative solutions that are evidence-based and proven to work.

    20 Tips for Parents is an excellent book for every new parent!’ – Professor Fiona Stanley, AC, FAA, FASSA

    20 Tips for Parents is available in paperback and ebook from online retailers and good bookshops nationwide. Please support your local bookshop.



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