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The Finch Memoir Prize for 2019!!!

The Finch memoir prize will be relaunched for 2019 by its new owners Bad Apple Press. Stay tuned for more information by signing up to the Bad Apple Press newsletter or visit



Finch News 009 – From Sam Miles

We have had an exciting month so far with one of our authors, Vicki Laveau-Harvie, appearing on ABC’s Conversations with Richard Fidler. That is a first for us so we were THRILLED!!!! It was a fantastic interview and even though I knew the story, I was really hooked! Vicki’s book, The Erratics, is our winner of the Finch 2018 Memoir Prize and is available in bookshops everywhere. The podcast can be found by clicking on the ABC image.

I have just sent Around the Grounds by Peter Newlinds off to press and we are looking Around The Grounds forward to promoting this for Father’s Day. It is a very entertaining read and jam-packed full of memories of growing up in the 70s and 80s, as well as all those magical sporting moments we remember from those times. Pat Cash beating Mats Wilander at Wimbledon? The West Indies Cricket Team annihilating everyone with their ferocious bowling? Matt Ryan holding his not-very-good-at-show jumping horse together over the show jumping round to win Olympic Eventing Gold for Australia? (Maybe that is just one of my memories!) It’s all there in Peter’s wonderful book, available in August.

We have received our advance copies of Mr Ordinary Goes to Jail and we are so proud of this book. It will be launched in Doncaster in Melbourne by Emily Webb (co-host of Australia’s True Crime podcast) and Wil Patterson will also be appearing at Brisbane Writers Festival. Mr Ordinary is a really moving and funny story about one’s man’s time in jail and what happened to him and his family after he got out. I highly recommend it.

Happy reading until next month!

Welcome Back to 2018 with Sam Miles Publishing Manager

Welcome everyone to the new year at Finch! Already Christmas seems like eons ago…and we have well and truly shaken the sand out of our shoes, eaten the last pine-lime splice ice block and said goodbye to little micro naps after lunch.  It’s back to work!

This year we do have some good reads coming up and pretty much something for everyone. We start the year with some girl power, with Working Mums and Women Like UsWorking Mums is a wonderful collection of stories from well known and not so well known women who work and also happen to be mums. They tell us how they manage the juggle of childcare, their careers and their lives with honesty and clarity. The very funny Mandy Nolan is back in May, and this time with a companion, fellow comic Ellen Briggs, to tell us how it really is to be a women in today’s world in  Women Like Us. They pose the question: Can you be a true feminist and still like to wear nice clothes and high heels? and dive into other pressing issues of being a woman. Not just funny they also offer really quite insightful discussions on body image, marriage, children and raising children. Both Mandy and Ellen tell it how it is, and we applaud them for it.

In May we also have the revised and updated edition of the best-selling and well-loved book Raising Boys from Steve Biddulph. Raising Boys in the Twenty-first Century offers information on how to raise sons in a world which offers gender equality, respect, and a whole new kind of manhood, but is still battered by toxic masculinity, pornography and emotional muteness.  Steve has worked with families for 40 years. During that time he has helped change the nature of boys’ education, brought a generation of fathers into hands-on engagement with their kids, and given mothers the confidence to love their sons and not be afraid of them.  He believes the old saying “boys will be boys” is a weak copout and isn’t afraid to say so. As Steve says, Boys will be the men we make them.  Definitely one to stock up on for any new parents, and parents who want the latest info on how to raise boys.

In June we have the winner of the 2017 Memoir prize and what an astonishingly good read it is! The Erratics by Vicki Laveau-Harvie will grip you from the first page. I could not put it down! It is one of the best memoirs we have ever published, in my opinion.

Then for a complete change of pace, in July we have Mr Ordinary Goes to Jail, a wonderful frank, funny and fascinating account of one man’s time in jail and the lessons he learned. If you have ever wondered what life is really like on the inside, then this is for you. I was laughing through my hands with this, more than a little bit horrified but still amused at some of the events that happened.

For all sporting fans we have Around the Grounds by sporting broadcaster Peter Newlinds. For so many years the voice of ABC’s ‘Grandstand’, Peter has some wonderful inspiring stories to tell about his most memorable moments in sport. His stories range from watching the West Indies bowl the bejezus out of the Australians, to covering the most dramatic Sydney to Hobart yatch race in sailing history. If you grew up in the 70s and 80s you will love really love this. You don’t even have to like sport that much to enjoy it!

In September we have another memoir for you, this one of a slightly different kind. Australian actor Harry Cook’s story of growing up gay in contemporary society and how that shaped his future direction in life. Although only quite young, Harry brings a depth of wisdom earned through the hard yards of experience to his tale, and the book is a great insight into looking just how far we have come as an egalitarian and accepting society… and still how far we have to go. It offers comfort and hope to other people who may be going through their own trials and tribulations, in all aspects of life.

I do hope you enjoy your reading this year…and please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or an email sharing your reactions to our books. It helps us know what you like and what we can do more of!

Cold Vein and MamaMia Podcast

As a regular listenter to some of the podcasts from the MamaMia network I was beyond all states of excitement when I accompanied our author Anne Tonner, the winner of the 2017 Finch Memoir Prize for her book Cold Vein, to the offices of MamaMia in Surry Hills, to record a podcast episode of No Filter with none other than Mia Freedman herself.
I wasn’t sure what to expect as we entered the rather ordinary looking building and took the lift to the third floor but was hugely surprised to discover, upon exiting the lift, a huge (like I mean HUGE) light-filled room filled with desks and computers and people. There was also plants and astro turf and the steady, slightly manic energy of a lot of very busy people.
The podcast recording studio itself is quite small, completely blacked out on the inside and the walls covered in soundproof padding. (I am sure there is a technical name but I have no idea what it is, basically it looked like grey foam eggshell cartons.) I shoved myself in the corner, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible while Anne sat at the desk, looking a bit like she was about to endure a rather unpleasant counselling session…I did feel for her as doing interviews can be quite taxing and frightening but I knew she has prepared. Then Mia swept in and I was surprised to see that she was about as big as me (i.e. short and small) and was not wearing typical office-like clothes but a tee shirt and cargo combat pants. However, she did have on a very impressive pair of silver sneakers which I immediately wanted. A lot.
She very quickly made Anne feel comfortable, asked her if there was anything she didn’t want to talk about and then launched into the interview. For a full hour, without any notes or even referring to the book itself, Mia was able to vividly recall exact wording and phrasing of parts of Anne’s story, and asked some very insightful and interning questions. I was actually rather impressed with her skill (not to mention her sneakers) and thought that Anne answered all her questions beautifully and thoughtfully. It really was a terrific experience and I am sure it will make a great interview. I hope you can find some time to listen to it when it comes out on the No Filter podcast today.
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Finch Memoir Prize announced!!

Finch Publishing is pleased to announce that the winner for the 2018 Finch Memoir Prize is Vicki Laveau-Harvie with Okotoks Erratic.
The three judges, Candida Baker, Caroline Baum and Mark O’Flynn, were in complete agreement about this dark humoured story of an out of control family beset with decay and bitterness.
Caroline Baum said, ‘Okotoks Erratic grabbed me by the throat and never let go …  Its sharp vinegary tone added  a thrilling and bracing  note to  this portrayal  of an extreme  dysfunctional family. The writing has a visceral quality as well as a terrific sense of timing, irony and place … I loved it.’
Candida Baker described the manuscript as reminding her of ‘a young Margaret Attwood or Alice Munro’.
Mark O’Flynn said the writing was ‘clear and concise, and wonderfully written’.
The winner, Vicki Laveau-Harvie, says: I am so very pleased to be the winner of the 2018 FinchMemoir Prize. Writing memoir represents freedom and possibility for anyone who chooses to do it. To share what I’ve written as a result of this prize will be an enduring joy for me.’
The judges also wished to award a Highly Commended to Fay Keegan and her manuscript
All Stations to Waterfall.
The winning manuscript will be published in June 2018.

Finch Memoir Prize shortlist announced

The judges have finished their shortlist ahead of time and I am delighted to announce that we have six shortlisted authors. They are:

  • Alan Sampson with Tin Gypsy
  • Georgina Lawrence with A Little Bit Country
  • Fay Keegan with All Stations to Waterfall
  • Vicki Laveau-Harvie with Okotoks Erratic
  • Sacha Jones with A Woman of Strange Substance
  • Jennifer Severn with Coming Home to Squabbling Ground

Congratulations to our shortlisted authors! I don’t envy the judges in making their final decision!

Good Reads Giveaway

Finch is happy to announce a Good Reads Giveaway!

10 signed copies of How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate are being given away. So enter now or if you just can’t wait grab a copy at bookstores it is out today. Don’t forget if you are a Good Reads member – post a review and tell us what you think.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate by Michele Connolly

How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate

by Michele Connolly

Giveaway ends November 30, 2017.

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25 Year Bash

Finch celebrated 25 years in Publishing with a Birthday Bash on October 6th which included long time authors Steve Biddulph and Andrew Fuller giving heartfelt speeches acknowledging their long affiliation with Finch and Rex. Peter Berner also delivered his wonderful brand of humour, along with many other past and present authors, editors and collaborators.











Anne Tonner Podcast with Better Reading

Anne Tonner, author of the 2017 Finch Memoir Prize Winner, COLD VEIN is on the Better Reading Podcast.

Follow the link below to hear the interview.

Podcast with Better Reading

Blue Wolf reviews Love Sex and No Regrets

Blue Wolf Reviews has posted their Review of Elizabeth Clark’s Love sex and No Regrets for Today’s Teens. Check it out at the link below.

Blue Wolf Reviews

Elizabeth Clark Author of Love Sex and No Regrets for Today’s Teens