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Richard Fletcher

  • Dr Richard Fletcher leads the Fathers and Families Research Program at the University of Newcastle. In the 1990s he pioneered the study of men’s health and boys’ health and founded the community-based group, Fathers Against Rape, to conduct workshops with teenage boys in schools. He developed the Engaging Fathers Project at the University of Newcastle and worked to have it implemented in communities nationally. As a lecturer in the university’s Family Action Centre, he designed and delivered courses and seminars to teachers, nurses, occupational therapists and medical students. In his PhD, he researched fathers’ attachment to infants and children. He is the convenor of the National Fatherhood Research Network and a co-editor of the book, “Boys in Schools”.

    Richard Fletcher is a leading educator in the field of male health at the Family Action Centre at the University of Newcastle. He lives on the NSW Central Coast.

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