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Your Child’s Emotional Needs

  • For today’s parents there is no shortage of advice about how to deal with their child’s behaviour. But children’s emotional needs are rarely discussed. Even though parents know that emotions matter, most would struggle to name their child’s key emotional needs. In this groundbreaking book, Dr Vicky Flory explores the emotional needs of children from birth to age 12, explaining what all children need in terms of a secure attachment to a parent, as well as detailing the specific needs at particular stages in a child’s development. She also discusses common emotional disorders and difficulties such as depression and anxiety. Drawing extensively on the latest research, Dr Flory shows how children who have a secure parental attachment are far better equipped to enjoy healthy, connected relationships throughout their life than children who do not. Her message is profound and simple: once you understand and meet children’s emotional needs, you can help set them up for a happy life. In this straightforward book she shows parents how.

    “Vicky’s book encourages parents to put an emphasis on understanding feelings rather than simply changing behaviour, and inspires a belief in children.” Beulah Warren, Psychologist Coordinator, Master of Infant Mental Health NSW Institute of Psychiatry.

    Dr Vicky Flory’s outstanding book – is soundly based on the latest scientific theory and research. Parents who read this will find it an encouraging experience as Dr Flory is attuned to the frustrations and difficulties of parents. Building on this she draws parents into new ways to perceive their children’s emotion in everyday situations, to appreciate their children more and to communicate more deeply with them. A gem of a resource for new parents and more experienced ones!” Marie R. Joyce, PhD FAPS, Clinical Psychologist Senior Research Fellow Australian Catholic University.

    “[This book] leads parents on a journey of discovery in relation to their child’s inner world â- and provides an empowering structure within which parents may work with their children to help them build emotionally sensitive, stable and mature relationships.” Dr Sophia Constantinides, MBBS Medical practitioner and mother-infant therapist.

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