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Yes Chef!

  • Yes Chef! is an insider’s frequently funny and often frightening foray behind the swinging doors of restaurants.

    It’s a wonder Phillip McMillan ever became a chef at all,given that his introduction to food as a child was of leathery meat and over-boiled vegetables. However, his world was expanded after first sighting exotic food (a humble eggplant) in his local Italian greengrocer. From that moment on he was smitten.

    Following the mandatory apprentice training, Phillip went on to become a sought-after chef in the highly competitive and physically demanding world of commercial kitchens.

    Yes Chef! portrays a young man’s education in the behind-the-scenes realities of restaurants. Phillip’s journey (from dish-pig to sous chef in a five-star casino) is accompanied by delightful reminiscences of what passed as cuisine! His entertaining story parallels the evolution of Australian fine dining – from French- and German -influenced styles to molecular degustation menus, the emergence of fusion flavours and current Asian influences.

    Yes Chef! reveals the many and varied rivalries between chefs, thefts between restaurants, rumour-spreading and much ‘friendly fire’ – the behind-the-scenes goings on of the hospitality industry. For those who enjoy food, reading about cooking and watching ‘MasterChef’, or who dream of running their own restaurant, Yes Chef! provides an entertaining insight into the realities of that industry.

    It also includes a special section entitled ‘Yes Chef! tips and tricks’ to show you how to make restaurant-quality roast potatoes, how to stop your souffle from falling and finally understand why chefs swear so much.

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