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Unsingle: The art and science of finding true love


    Life can be lonely when you’re single. No one knows this better than former bookseller Louise Gabriel. She spent many years as a single desperately seeking love before she learnt how to use neuroscience techniques to move her mind into the love zone and join Team Love. Now happily married, she has documented her experiences in Unsingle: The art and science of finding true love in the hope that her experiences can help others. Her book is partly a documentation of her personal journey and partly a helpful guide on how ordinary people can use neuroscience discoveries and techniques to make themselves relationship-ready.

    Written in a realistic, practical and engaging, down-to-earth style, Unsingle contains breakthrough approaches for anyone searching for love. It is based on neuroscience which tells us that by changing what we focus on we can change our life and our experiences. Specifically, Unsingle:

    • Uses creative processes to move the mind into the love zone and keep it there (by rewiring neural pathways to support positive beliefs about love).
    • Offers simple, positive step by step approaches to understanding ourselves and how we are wired for love, identifying blocks and providing tools to move past them once and for all.
    • Explains how the love zone within our brains is under our control, ready, willing and able to take direction and follow our lead.


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    Press Release:

    Unsingle press release

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