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Unlocking Your Child’s Genius

  • Leading clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller says that children are born bright and curious – with a greater capacity and inner genius than we realise. Every child has an innate sense of inquisitiveness, creativity and lateral thinking that form the basis of genius.

    In this book Andrew Fuller shows that by encouraging their child’s own natural curiosity, parents can help develop the skills and experiences that allow genius to emerge. He encourages parents to recognise the qualities in their child that predict genius – creativity, motivation, determination, imagination and the willingness to keep going despite making mistakes. In this way parents can be their child’s most important teacher.

    Covering the age range of 2 to 18, Andrew Fuller draws upon the latest research and his own extensive work with thousands of children in private practice to show parents how to help their child build these essential foundation skills.


    ‘I have experienced this fabulous work with Andrew and thousands of our children – you too can live it with him and your child through these wonderfully informed pages.‘ –  Paul Wood, Assistant Regional Director, Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment

    A marvellous resource for parents to help their children to think, to be curious, to learn to practice, and to enjoy the art of learning.  Written with the same spirit of fun but underpinned by some great research, it explores whether your child thinks like a spy, a frequent flier, a fidgeter, a star trekker, a social secretary, an amplified, or a  happy wanderer —  and what you can do to enhance their thinking. No the answer is NOT homework, more after school tutoring, blaming the school.  Yes the answer is thinking, talking and listening, and delightfully making mistakes together.  The humanness of raising children comes through, and the impact can be most worthwhile.  A book to read, dip into, come back to, and change the way you see learning.  Andrew Fuller has a winner.‘ –  John Hattie, Professor of Education and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne

    Unlocking Your Child’s Genius charts the way forward for parents.  All children possess genius however our education system smothers such through environmentally controlling the freedom and risk-taking needed to create.  Rules draw all away from creativity.  Rules police behaviour and trap behaviour within the already known and established.  Children are drained of initiative and blue sky thinking and the freedom of action by the security found in orthodoxy and rules.  Trapped in the past paradigm, playing by the same rules, they are sapped of the excitement that promotes free play and creativity.  Andrew suggests here a “letting go of the reins”, promoting the joy of change and exploration and the thrill of the new, of freedom of expression and of unlocking genius.  Be bold as parents.  Change is a constant in the life of your child and those children who embrace change will thrive and be free to play creatively. By accepting this proactively as parents you will unlock you child’s genius.’ –  John Hendry, Geelong Grammar School, Victoria

    ‘The text does not lead itself to any kind of linear reading, but rather, it is dip-in-able… a masterpiece of what is obviously a lifetime of research, professional practice and decidedly active parenting… the extensive bibliography is invaluable in providing specific scholarly reference for all that is presented. Further to that, in practical terms there is much for the teacher to use here: the clear study routines offer specific guidance and the definition of terms and ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Essays’ will be pasted to the front of the workbooks of my students…

    ‘Ultimately Unlocking your Child’s Genius is a celebration of life and learning, always encouraging adults to build on the positive, to acknowledge effort made irrespective of achievement, and, by your manner, let younger folk know that that they are loved and enlivened by your presence.’ – John Allen, Camberwell Grammar School

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