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Transformation: Turning tragedy into triumph

  • This collection of personal stories edited by one of Australia’s leading expert in happiness, psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, is inspiring and powerful. We always think that bad things happen to ‘other’ people… but what happens when the bad things happen to you? How do you recover? Not only recover, but actually turn your life around for the better, and help others to do the same?

    The accounts in this book reveal amazing stories by a wide range of people who have managed to do just that. After each story Dr Sharp investigates the characteristics and attributes of the people involved and explains how you can develop and encourage these in yourself. This warm and encouraging book will not only inspire you to help others in need, but help you discover your own inner resilience and capacity to appreciate and move towards a happier life.

    Contributors include:

    • Jean Paul Bell was overcome by grief that left him feeling ‘ flat, lifeless, depressed and unable to communicate’ after leaving the Humour Foundation which he had helped found. Maggie Haertsch, his wife, stood by him in his pain and despair as he made the transition to a new life. She understood as she had been there herself.
    • Sam Cawthorn was pronounced dead after a major car accident in 2006. He was resuscitated, but his right arm was amputated and he was left with a permanent disability in his right leg.
    • Justine Curtis was trapped in the cold clutches of the corporate world, her life confined to the repetition of a meaningless, unfulfilling cycle of events.
    • Petrea King, who suffered from early childhood illness, lost her brother to suicide, was involved in an abusive marriage, and was diagnosed with cancer. She is the author of Your Life Matters.
    • Cynthia Morton grew up amidst two sexually violent predators who threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone. She is the author of Emotional Fitness.
    • Lana Penrose was an undiagnosed sufferer of clinical depression for many years. She is the author of The Happiness Quest.
    • Ingrid Poulson, whose husband killed her two children and her father.
    • Seb Robertson felt such despair and hopelessness despite his outward success that he attempted suicide multiple times as a young man.
    • Allan Sparkes, a policeman who suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder. He is the author of The Cost of Bravery.
    • Sam Webb, who lost his best friend to early suicide and became an advocate for speaking out against mental illness.
    • Joe Williams, an Indigenous rugby league player and professional boxer who suffered addiction and depression issues.
    • Tim Sharp went to great lengths to hide his depression for many years, at times even using alcohol in an attempt to cope with his haunting self-doubts.


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    Sunday Life profile Dr Tim Sharp

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    ‘In Transformation, we read that “pain is inevitable – misery is optional”. That twist on the Buddhist point of view captures the essence of what this new, useful book is about. Nobody gets a free pass through life. But what if you knew how to increase and expand your capacity for resilience and happiness? Things would get better, right? Right. So read this book.’

    – Michael Bungay Stanier, Senior Partner, Box of Crayon, and author of The Coaching Habit and Do More Great Work

    ‘Dr Sharp explores a fascinating part of being human, our ability to grow from life's unwanted challenges. Each chapter contains an inspirational story … and the comments Dr Sharp makes at the conclusion of each, help us to benefit fully from the experience. Read slowly ... and savour.’

    – Stephen C Lundin, PhD, author of the best selling FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Performance