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The Book of They

  • The Book of They is brought to you by comedian Peter Berner. Author/illustrator of The Book of He, Peter has delighted thousands of readers with his signature style of skewed imagination wrapped in absurdist humour.

    His sequel, The Book of They, contains 80 illustrations set in cafes and delivers an entertaining take on coffee and coupledom – the intersection of addiction and relationship issues. What is it with these public displays, embarrassments and humiliations that bubble up just as you’re enjoying that triple-shot decaf latte? Why does it all seem to happen so publicly?

     This sequel features couples rather than the lone corporate hero. Why is it that in our relationships we still go out and have coffee as a treat? And for some, it might just be scene from ‘Meltdowns in Public’ or ‘Why are we discussing our relationship HERE?’

    Peter Berner comedian and illustrator The Book of They delivers engaging and sassy content – and seems to ask that deep metaphysical question – why disrupt the enjoyment of my coffee with the baggage of everyday life? 

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    Press Release September 2017