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Stepfamily life

  • In this book, Margaret Newman, an experienced couple and family counsellor and a member of a stepfamily herself, describes challenges that members of a stepfamily usually encounter. In her experience, stepfamily life is different, and therefore different solutions are needed to get it ‘on track’ and, more importantly, to help it survive. In this reassuring and straightforward book, Margaret Newman considers a wide range of stepfamily scenarios, and gives practical suggestions as to what to do in each case to overcome any difficulties. Stepfamily Life helps the reader to understand the dynamics of life in a stepfamily – what lies beneath the surface – and how to rationally approach each family issue concerning adults and children. Margaret Newman highlights the fact that while skills such as communication are very important, so too is self-awareness and a basic knowledge of family life. Using case studies and the experience of working with a broad range of stepfamily situations, Margaret Newman examines problem areas and explains what is happening and what to do about it. She shows how, despite the obstacles, a happy stepfamily life can be achieved.

    ‘Stepfamilies need clarity and experienced support just as much as they need love and hope. Margaret Newman richly provides that. Her book is insightful, practical, optimistic and approachable. It covers a huge amount of ground very clearly and offers treasures to every stepfamily member.’ Stephanie Dowrick, author of Intimacy & Solitude.

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