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Starting School

  • ‘The first year of school is the most important of all for a child: a poor beginning can affect a child’s success, both academically and socially, for many years to come.’ So says Sue Berne, author of this valuable book for parents on assessing a child’s readiness for school. Starting School looks at the key issues involved in preparing children for school and the problems that can arise from the outset.

    • determining if your child is ready, socially and emotionally, for school
    • practical skills for school readiness
    • choosing the right school
    • helping your child become independent
    • keeping your child safe
    • developing your child’s friendship skills
    • helping your child get in touch with feelings
    • settling in to school
    • parents’ rights at school
    • highs and lows of the first year
    • how to ‘bullyproof’ your child.

    Sue Berne also outlines her ‘˜Ten Golden Rules’ for helping your child excel in life. These include an appreciation of issues such as self-esteem, self-respect, emotional intelligence, risk-taking, a love of learning, and living a balanced life. Starting School considers all aspects of readiness – social, emotional, practical and educational – to help your child get off to the right start and so be set up for success in the ensuing years of school.

    ‘It’s good to see a book about starting school emphasising the emotional aspects of this major transition. Using vignettes from parents and children, this book highlights the importance of having realistic expectations of children and providing guidance to parents about how they can support children.’ Associate Professor Sue Dockett, School of Education & Early Childhood Studies, University of Western Sydney.

    ‘A positive transition to school is significant for children’s lifelong learning and is a major milestone in their lives. This book is an extensive, practical and welcome resource for parents and early childhood professionals, who play an important role in supporting children as they manage this transition.’  Judy Radich, National President, Early Childhood Australia Inc.

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