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Raising Girls

  • In this straightforward and thought-provoking book, psychologist and parenting author Gisela Preuschoff considers the understandings that parents require to raise girls today. The book focuses on girls’ emotional and physical development, their education, social conditioning and their relationships with parents and siblings.

    Raising Girls also discusses the emotional and behavioural differences between girls and boys, and helps parents to gain practical understandings of their daughter from birth through to the teenage years. Raising Girls includes a foreword by Steve Biddulph, who rates this the best book on parenting girls he has seen. Using a warm and conversational approach, similar to Steve Biddulph’s Raising Boys, Gisela Preuschoff communicates in an accessible way to parents, injecting her own experiences as a mother. The book also includes stories from the experiences of Australian families. Her advice ranges from birth to late adolescence – and across issues to do with physical and sexual development, girls and learning, parent-child relationships and the daughter’s emotional life.

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    Press Release:

    Parents today are open to creating a different childhood experience for their daughters

    Many new mothers are aware of the pressures on children to consume and follow trends – the ‘Barbie doll’ syndrome that girls get caught up in. They are also very aware that the social conditioning of young girls can lead to dissatisfaction with their body image and dangerous eating disorders.

    In her new book, Raising Girls, psychologist and parenting author Gisela Preuschoff encourages parents to:

    • Understand the key emotional and physical aspects of girls’ development,from babyhood to adolescence.
    • Realise the importance of having a close bond with their daughter.
    • Recognise the importance of fathers to daughters.
    • Understand how self-esteem can reduce their daughter’s fears.
    • Choose a girl-friendly school.
    • Counter the negative messages girls receive about their place in society.

    Gisela Preuschoff offers refreshingly new understandings to help parents develop a meaningful relationship with their daughters. She encourages parents to recall their own experiences of what life was like for them as children, and to recognise their daughter’s special talents. She writes: ‘Each child has a life’s work that she is trying to fulfil. You can start to see what your daughter’s life’s work is by observing her interests and what gives her pleasure, because pleasure comes from the heart; it cannot be artificially created by external circumstances … In adulthood, many people … turn away from their life’s work. People don’t find happiness this way …’

    Gisela Preuschoff is a psychologist and the author of over 20 books in the fields of parenting, relationships, self-esteem and communication. Three decades of experience as a family therapist in Germany – and as a mother – have given her the wisdom about parenting girls that she brings to this book. She includes stories from Australian families.

    'This book has much that stirs up your thinking … What our kids will remember, and what will strengthen them, are the moments of closeness, honesty and peaceful times that we spend with them amidst the scramble of life … We’ve made progress with girls, but as this excellent book points out, we still have a long way to go.' - From the Foreword by Steve Biddulph

    'If you like your advice direct, funny and unsparing, then Raising Girls is for you. It spells out the difficulties of protecting this vulnerable being from the dangers and disappointments still peculiar to the lives of women, but gives parents – and especially dads – every reason to believe their parenting can make a difference. Thankfully, it’s practical, encouraging us to draw on our strengths, to understand the child as a child, to be the grown-ups. Raising Girls reminds us that the challenge of Raising Girls is the same challenge we face in creating a world of equality for men and women. Read it, even if you have boys.' -  Pru Goward Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission