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Raise Your Voice The Book

Raise Your Voice

  • This book is a user’s manual for anyone with a voice!

    Raise Your Voice is written by one of Australia’s most experienced voice coaches and is full of practical tools and real life ‘war’ stories for:

    • People who are waking up to the power of voice to enhance the mindbody-spirit connection (including the treatment of mental health and eating disorders)
    • Amateur singers who know that they could do more with their voice.
    • Older people (baby boomers) realising the health and memory benefits of singing.
    • People who work on their voice for a specific reason but then discover it gives them courage to face their fears in other aspects of their lives.


    Key Topics from Raise Your Voice

    All You Need to Get Started 

    • The three most common coaching requests: how to achieve power, range and colour.
    • Common problems and how to solve them.


    Body Language, Body Wisdom

    • Your body gives you reliable messages about who and where you are right now.
    • Developing awareness of your subtle messages, raising (or lowering) your status, self-confidence in a work setting.
    • Mindfulness and grounding in the body. ·
    • How to use breath to change your reactions to stress, fear and anger.


    Voice as a Gateway to Personal Power

    • The Stand & Deliver method as a way of removing fear-based roadblocks in life.


    Voice for Presenters 

    • Formats for leaving a lasting (positive) impression. Tips on motivating, storytelling, influencing and inspiring.
    • Common problems and their antidotes.


    Women’s Voice – The Quiet Revolution

    • Some of the pitfalls of his-tory. Exploring the fear of ‘too much,’ ‘being too bossy and how to avoid ‘sorry.’


    Singing – The Keys to the Cage 

    • Tips and tools for beginner to intermediate singers.
    • How to find more power, colour and range – an easy guide to Estil vocal technique.


    Voice Can Cure Society’s Ills

    • An historical perspective – singing as an agent of community and disruption.
    • Where to position your singing in the present day
    • A gateway to mindfulness, wellbeing and spirituality
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