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Parentcraft (2nd edition)

  • In this practical, commonsense guide, Ken and Elizabeth Mellor provide important parenting skills and tested ways for parents to deal with a wide range of family situations. They include insights into the cycles and stages of childhood as well as how our family backgrounds contribute to what we do.

    In ParentCraft, the Mellors explore themes that relate to managing families, catering for the needs of parents and children, setting standards and limits, love and discipline, and integrating important values into parenting. ‘Parenting is a 21-year journey’, say Ken and Elizabeth. ‘We all need practical skills to parent effectively throughout these years – and enjoy the experience.’ Key themes in ParentCraft include:

    • Develop some specific skills to parent well
    • Learn to work as a team with your partner
    • Discipline (without hitting) helps your children learn that they can resolve problems
    • Understand the natural transitions during childhood – and what your child is capable of at different stages of development
    • Learn to develop your child’s self esteem
    • Value each other as parents – even when you disagree
    • Struggles with parents are useful – they help children learn

    ‘[ParentCraft] is the best parenting book I’ve read – and I’ve read a few. In fact I’ve read over 40 for a parenting course I am running.’ –
    Jenny, Australia.

    ParentCraft is clear, informative, bursting with knowledge and wisdom – beautifully presented and well written. I am a father of four and a doctor and recommend it to many of my patients.’  Mark, New Zealand.

    ‘I have been recommending ParentCraft in the parenting classes I teach and in my private practice … Over a period of nine months, the feedback I have received has been tremendously enthusiastic. ParentCraft is one of those special books that, once read, moves people to share it with others.’  Eric, USA.

    ‘I read your book and can only say I wish you had written it 17 years ago! Maybe then I wouldn’t be wishing for a rewind button for my teenager! I’ve passed my copy along to a friend who has a six-month-old boy.’  Rita, Hawaii, USA.

    ‘˜The book is terrific – really accessible, well set out and packed with useful guidelines to parenting. Well done!’  Martin and Sue, UK.

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