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Men at Birth


    Men at Birth is a collection of stories written by Australian men, for men, about their experiences of being at the birth of their children.

    What’s it like to be at the birth of your child?
    How do you cut the umbilical cord?
    How can you best support your partner?
    What happens if something doesn’t go to plan?

    More often than not men can be bewildered, put off or just plain scared by the idea of childbirth. They may feel helpless in the face of their partner’s distress and have no idea of what to expect or what they are meant to do. These 23 beautifully described stories – some humorous, some sad, but all of them written straight from the heart – will dispel many of the anxieties men have about birth and prepare them for one of the most important moments of their lives.

    ‘This book of men telling the stories of their children’s births is a gift; an unbelievable resource with more trust, honesty and helpful information than you might find in a hundred years of conversations.’– Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Boys and The New Manhood

    ‘Read a book about birth? You must be bloody joking. Well, that was my first thought. But, pressured by my wife (who is expecting), I read Men at Birth. I was blown away … It changed my whole perspective of birth and gave me confidence to walk into the labour room and ‘be there’ for my wife. Read this book about birth? Absolutely.’ – Robert Underwood, soon-to-be-dad

    This book is only available as an ebook. The paperback is out of print.

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