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Home Truths

  • Eat a donut, drink a coffee, read this book … now there’s a perfect day.

    – Glenn Robbins, multiple Logie-nominated actor and comedian

    For anyone who has ever dreamt of owning, building, renovating or perhaps bulldozing their home, or for those who have actually done it and survived, this collection of witty insights and reflections on how and where we live makes compulsory reading. In Home Truths, Mandy explores poet Anne Sexton’s assertion that ‘women marry houses’. With great humour, she explores who are we in the place where we live, why we live there, and how this influences our everyday behaviour. Mandy is a self confessed FOMOOLSB sufferer (Fear of Missing Out on Living Somewhere Better) who uses her latest collection of stories for a peek over the fence at how the rest of us live.

    This cushion-collecting, OCD-afflicted, cleaning-obsessive covers everything from the joy of renovations, lost socks, pets and the use of neutral colour schemes to working from home, visiting display homes and homelessness and milks a few sacred cows along the way, even giving Feng Shui a kick along by asking: ‘Why change your behaviour when all you have to do is move your bed?!’

    Following hot on the heels of the successful and wickedly funny What I Would Do If I Were You and Boyfriends We’ve All Had (And Shouldn’t Have), comes Home Truths, a laugh-out-loud examination of the world of home building and renovation by comedian and author Mandy Nolan.

    Mandy Nolan is an accomplished comedian, artist and journalist, a self-proclaimed expert on all matters feminine, a regular contributor for The Hoopla, and an occasional guest on ABC’s Q&A and SBS’s Mums The Word.

    Home Truths is Mandy Nolan’s third memoir, following on from the success of What I Would Do If I Were You and Boyfriends We’ve All Had (And Shouldn’t Have).

    Mandy Nolan is my guru. It is like she has crawled inside my busy head to make me laugh from my marrow out, while gently reassuring me it’s ok not to be perfect. She rocks.’ – Julia Morris

    I laughed, I cried, I screamed and then the other people in the library told me to shut up.’ – Dave O’Neil

    Again and again while reading this hilarious book I kept having one thought; I want to live with Mandy Nolan. This is possibly inappropriate.’ – Tommy Dean

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    Home Truths press release

  • Mandy Nolan talks about her program to help sufferers of dementia: Stand Up for Dementia.