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Happiness Handbook, The (3rd edition)

  • Since the 1990s clinical psychologist Dr Timothy Sharp has been helping people to become happier. As the founder of The Happiness Institute in Australia and consultant to numerous large organisations, as well as hundreds of individual clients and families, Dr Sharp has developed a range of simple but effective plans designed to increase happiness levels.

    In this updated edition of The Happiness Handbook Dr Sharp introduces his latest and most powerful happiness tool: the CHOOSE Model. This distinctive new approach incorporates findings from the last few decades of positive psychology research and presents them in a way that is both practical and memorable. Timothy Sharp says: “There’s no doubt that happiness is something you choose – and this new model will help you make more decisions that will lead to more happiness.”

    “The Happiness Handbook is fresh, inspiring and a must-read for young and old from all walks of life.” Lisa Messenger, author of Happiness Is…

    “A book full of practical wisdom, insights, tips and strategies.” Dr Craig Hassed, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University.

    “Dr Timothy Sharp’s book gives the reader simple but theoretically-grounded tools to help them accept the things they cannot change, and the tools to change the things they can – to enhance their sense of self, improve their ability to deal with life’s ups and downs, and move towards happier and more productive lives.” Anthony M Grant, PhD C.Psychol., School of Psychology, University of Sydney.

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