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Green Vanilla Tea


    Green Vanilla Tea is a story of compassion and courage in the face of a deadly and little understood illness. Above all, it is a love story.

    Marie Williams watches helplessly as an undiagnosable condition debilitates her husband, Dominic, in both body and mind. As the condition develops, the normally devoted family man and loving partner seems to disappear beneath an expressionless face and a relentless desire to walk and walk and walk at all hours of the day and night.

    In a compelling story that spans both joy and sadness, Marie Williams writes about the bonds in her family, her sons’ love for their father, the spirit that sustains them all during the most testing of experiences and about the struggle they faced in dealing with the inexplicable.

    Reading group notes and questions are included in the book.

    Praise for Green Vanilla Tea

    ‘This book sensitively brings to life the heartache, humour and love that’s involved in living with dementia.’ Ita Buttrose, OA, OBE, President of Alzheimer’s Australia

    ‘Green Vanilla Tea truly is a knock-out book that hits so many of the right notes and is completely relevant in today’s world.’ Susan Duncan, author of Salvation Creek and The Briny Café

    ‘[I was] moved by the tragedy of the story, and the love and trust and care and kindness everybody showed…’ Jacquie Kent, author of The Making of Julia Guillard

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  • Green Vanilla Tea. A book about Younger Onset Dementia but most of all ... LOVE

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