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Fight-free Famililes

  • Acknowledging that a certain amount of fighting in families is inevitable, psychologist Dr Janet Hall outlines how some fights can be prevented and how others can be quickly resolved with a minimum of conflict. She demonstrates how families can actually benefit from conflict, which provides both a necessary release of pent-up feelings and a path towards healing. Understanding the triggers and the nature of family fights allows families to learn lessons about their patterns of behaviour. Janet Hall encourages parents to teach their children how to relate well to each other, and demonstrates how a win/win resolution to fights can be achieved. Fight-free Families also explains

    • Strategies for preventing and managing fights with younger children and with teenagers
    • How important it is to make rewards and punishments effective
    • How vital life skills can be developed by avoiding and resolving family fights
    • How family meetings are crucial to managing fighting, and how they can work with children at various ages.

    Fight-free Families is something every household longs for. Janet Hall has some wonderful suggestions towards making your family a happier place.’  Dr John Irvine, child psychologist and author of Who’d be a Parent? and A Handbook for Happy Families.

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