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Emotional Fitness

  • Emotional Fitness offers a program of 30 proven ’emotional workouts’ to help people achieve balance, resilience and self-acceptance.   According to Cynthia Morton, to be emotionally fit means “to be unafraid of being yourself, warts and all”. She believes that the hardest work we ever do in our lifetime is to build a loving and caring relationship with ourselves: “to be able to experience any emotion without needing to control it, suppress it, chemically enhance it or blame someone else for it.”

    Her programs with clients help them learn how to care for themselves and handle life’s challenges. This book is based on experiential work and offers workouts that are structured at different levels. These assist individuals to overcome sensitive and difficult issues in their lives and to reach self-acceptance. Emotional Fitness also tells Cynthia’s own life story, from the abuse she suffered as a child to the persistent patterns of self-abuse she developed as she grew up. Cynthia’s honesty about herself in dealing with the consequences of her background and her later behaviour represents the kind of emotional fitness she is advocating, and is a powerful testimony to its effectiveness.

    A message from Cynthia Morton: On a scale of 1-10 how physically fit are you? Now, on a scale of 1-10 how emotionally fit are you? If you have ever found yourself “losing it”, finding excuses to avoid a difficult situation or becoming a “doormat” when emotional challenges appear in your day, this book is for you. Emotional Fitness contains 30 simple workouts to help you build your emotional strength. These exercises are powerful and have been instrumental in saving my life – literally. I hope they give you techniques that can help you with yours. Each one is preceded by a story from my life showing you why they were so necessary. These workouts are designed for all of us as we face life’s most difficult crises (death, divorce, abuse and addiction) as well as for those who need help with daily challenges – parenting or having difficult parents, balancing work and home, finding time for sexual intimacy and friendships, or just feeling as though you’re good enough.

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