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Cocktails at Naptime

  • A laugh-out-loud, utterly realistic examination of all the things that can happen to your mind, your body, your partner and your relatives after the birth of a new baby.

    There are secrets that no baby book will tell you, stories that no parenting magazine will even touch with a set of forceps. And that’s a shame because out of postnatal nastiness and the human struggle with sleep-deprivation, couch stainage and perineum bruising, comes forth humour; lots of it.

    Read about how real mums try to lose their baby weight and learn how Mothers of History dealt with getting their figure back, discover how to transform your partner into a sex symbol using only household bleach and a pair of rubber gloves, sing along to a selection of politically incorrect nursery rhymes and find out how to recognise (and avoid becoming) a stereotypical “Mummy From Hell”.

    Cocktails at Naptime is a hilarious look at those first twelve months (from birth to back-to-work) and the perfect antidote to the “how to” parenting manuals and the glut of “girlfriend” books. It gives you a hug, a parenting tip or two and an enthusiastic nod to having a big glass of chardonnay.

    This title is available as an eBook. The paperback is out of print.

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