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Business & Baby at Home

  • Business & Baby at Home is an invaluable, inspiring Australian resource for every work-from-home mum. It explores the joys and challenges of working from home while gracefully balancing family life, relationships and domestic duties. Packed with clever business acumen, practical ideas and valuable advice, the book is an insightful guide for those of us searching for fluidity between our personal and professional lives.

    In response to rigid workplaces and increasing financial demands on families, small home-based businesses are thriving. An overwhelming percentage of them are driven by work-from-home mums. However, starting your own business can be a daunting process – especially when discovering motherhood – so how do you build a business, raise kids and stay sane?

    Through Business & Baby at Home, Sarah O’Bryan opens an honest conversation on the realities of taking this path. She shares her own experiences along with priceless revelations from other work-from-home parents. Whether you’re considering this path, or are already enduring the endless juggle, the knowledge you’ll gain from this book will help you to streamline processes with simple steps on how to manage time, get the job done and increase business!

    ‘Working from home is becoming more popular and new mums are definitely driving the change. In this practical and insightful how-to guide [Sarah] shares her story of balancing family life and a home-based business with honesty and priceless revelations.’ – Amy Lovat, my child (see the September 2013 issue of my child for full review)


    ‘Finally! Some great tips on how to manage working from home with little ones.’ – Megan, Commercial Director, IT, and mum to Dylan and Griffin

    Business & Baby at Home contains the most truthful and heartfelt words on this topic I have read to date. Inspiring and insightful, it’s perfect for every mum.’ – Karen, designer, and mum to David and Samantha

    ‘As a mum and business owner, this book has been a lifesaver! An honest and uplifting guide full of practical ideas.‘- Joy, marketing professional, and mum to Noah and Eva’

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