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Bump & Grind: The A-Z Survival Guide for when you’re trying to get pregnant and sick of being told to relax!

  • After 18 months of trying to get pregnant without success, Genevieve Morton was told over and over to “just relax!”. But she couldn’t. She scoured fertility books hoping one would make her feel better about herself. Instead, they made her feel worse. Sure, they all told her how to pinpoint ovulation and analyse her cervical mucus (ew!).

    But none of them could help her cope with the Smug Fertility Goddesses parading their bulging, pregnant bellies around the office or pesky relatives asking “Anything yet?” The everyday stresses of living with unexplained infertility made conceiving even harder.

    Determined to get her life back on track “ and stop nagging her husband over his tight undies and fourth beer“. Genevieve set about writing a fun and honest guide to coping with everyday life while trying to conceive. Bump & Grind was born.

    And she got pregnant along the way.

    Bump & Grind is the A-Z survival guide for every woman trying to conceive and wondering if her sex life will ever be the same, what fertility-friendly foods to eat, how to cope with disappointments, when to dodge annoying questions from inquiring rellies and, of course, HOW TO GET PREGNANT.

    This title is available as an eBook. The paperback is out of print.


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