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Art of Balanced Living, The

  • The Art of Balanced Living introduces the body-type diet of the ancient Indian Ayurveda tradition and shows how it can help us live healthier, happier and more balanced lives today. By implementing the traditional practices of eating and exercising for your unique body type, and incorporating the right kind of relaxation and mindful practices, you will be working with your nature, instead of against it.

    Written by Dr Shaun Matthews, a respected western medicine and Ayurvedic practitioner of 25 years, The Art of Balanced Living also contains recipes and personal stories from people whose lives have changed after adopting the body-type diet and way of life. This is a beautiful book for anyone who is interested in nourishing and improving their health in a way that best suits their own individual nature.

    Everything that science is revealing about modern medicine was long ago understood by Ayurvedic practitioners from India. Shaun has distilled this ancient knowledge and made it available and applicable in modern circumstances. You will constantly consult The Art of Balanced Living because it contains wisdom and practical guidelines as well as providing a wealth of knowledge based on Shaun’s 25 years’ experience as an holistic doctor.’ – Petrea King, Founder and CEO Quest for Life Foundation

    ‘As a “science of life” Ayurveda provides a time-tested system for understanding how the unique attributes of each person can live in harmony with nature and achieve the greatest health and vitality. This book provides a highly accessible guide to navigating a lifestyle that best suits your individual body type. It provides a holistic map to health and rejuvenation that can lead to a life of peace and grace.’ – Professor Marc Cohen, MBBS(Hons), PhD, BMedSc(Hons), FAMAC, FICAE, School of Health Sciences, RMIT University

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  • 'As our population is expecting to live longer than previous generations, this book which provides valuable insights for a healthier life, which also allows for 'joie de vivre, is indeed timely.' – Professor Dame Marie R Bashir AD CVO

    'Dr Shaun Matthews, whom I have known for more than two decades, has with this book provided a fine compilation of his experiences with Ayurveda ... as a great system of health and healing.' – Dr Robert Svoboda, Ayurvedic physician and author