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Women Like Us


    From the stage to the page…

    Stand up comedians Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs have spent the last 3 years touring the country with their smash hit comedy show Women Like Us performing over 80 shows to just over 20 000 people!  Their formula of performing two hours of stand up (an hour a piece) has proven a huge hit, with audiences in droves declaring this one of the funniest stand up shows they’ve seen. It’s true. The girls are master story tellers able to deliver belly-laugh’s every 30 seconds. And now the girls take it from the stage to the page with the release of their co-authored book Women Like Us.

    Women Like Us though based on their bestselling show, delves deeper into the minutiae that makes up the drama of life…and turns society’s expectations of what women should be upside down. Women Like Us is for anybody who is tired of being told what they must look like, act like or even talk like!

    Essentially this is for all women!!

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  • ‘Ellen Briggs is incredibly clever, naughty, funny and lovely! I have booked Ellen for multiple events... where she gave nothing less than 100% on each occasion. A highly recommended, understated talent…’ - Alys McDonough, promoter

    "Mandy Nolan's honesty is stunning. This book will twist your heart inside out and then have you roaring with laughter a moment later."

    Fiona O'Loughlin, comedian

    ‘Mandy Nolan is my guru. It is like she has crawled inside my busy head to make me laugh from my marrow out, while gently reassuring me it’s ok not to be perfect. She rocks.
    - Julia Morris

  • Women Like Us