Winner of 2016 Finch Memoir Prize announced 18 May at SWF

The 2016 short-list and winner of the Finch Memoir Prize will be announced at a function during the Sydney Writers Festival on Wednesday 18 May. The winner will go on to speak on a panel at 4:30pm on Thursday 19 May  on the topic ‘One Life, Many Worlds’, with Louise Adler, Zelda la Grange and Alexsander Hemon (event #72)

The Finch Memoir Prize is an annual publication prize for an unpublished memoir worth $10,000. The winner is chosen by an independent panel of three judges who are not connected with the publisher. The award was founded in 2010 by Finch Publishing director Rex Finch with the aim of encouraging Australian writers, published and unpublished, to commit to paper their life stories and thus add to the body of Australian creative non-fiction. Truth is stranger than fiction – which is probably why so many readers love to read the real-life accounts of their fellow men and women. Memoirs are also inspiring and uplifting, reflecting the resilience of the human spirit.

Film rights to the 2015 Finch Memoir Prize Winner, Schools of Fish by Alan Sampson, have been sold to Enjoy Productions.

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