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Staff Pick: Elvis and Me

For me, reading Elvis and Me contained marvellous surprises. Yes, there’s the complex relationship between the two central characters – Elvis a grumpy neglected ex-racehorse, and Gillian a musician needing more fulfilment. But what captured me were the other, unexpected, layers.

In essence, this story is really about the courage and determination to pursue a dream. It’s also about how the unfolding of events often reveals to us something unrecognised within our own spirit. What is our real passion? What do we discover about ourselves when we decide to pursue our dream? What happens when a long-held dream turns into another wholly unexpected passion?

In Gillian’s case, beyond the fears and struggles, this discovery is something to celebrate. Elvis is for Gillian more than a rescue project. She recognises in him a connection with the passions and the life-force that are central to her successful career in music. By owning Elvis, she chooses to live her dream – not just have it on hold.

Throughout the story, Gillian introduces us to many delightful characters, both two-legged and four-legged. We witness unending sums of money disappearing in vet fees, agistment, feed, trainers and endless medical work.

This wonderfully told story presents many lessons, the legacy of mistakes, doubts and struggles. Here are two: How to decide whose advice not to follow; and how to accept the reality that owning a horse means really means that the horse actually owns you!

Thank you, Gillian, for an uplifting and most unexpected ending.