Publishers’ Weekly: Fit not Healthy a ‘gripping memoir’

Fit Not Healthy: How One Woman’s Obsession to Be the Best Nearly Killed Her (Finch Publishing, 9781925048278) was positively reviewed in the September 7, 2015 issue of Publishers Weekly(circ. 15,778). The reviewer calls it a “gripping memoir” and says that the author’s “voice rings throughout with a sense of honesty and the wisdom brought by retrospective reflection.” The complete review follows:

In this gripping memoir, Alford, a onetime competitive long-distance runner, documents her relationship with Fit Not Healthythe sport, which went from enjoyment to unhealthy obsession. Covering her life from age 22 to 32, Alford recounts her journey to a dangerous breaking point and its aftermath. Her voice rings throughout with a sense of honesty and the wisdom brought by retrospective reflection. Alford recognizes the moment when she began tracking the kilojoule content of foods, which eventually led to an eating disorder. Meanwhile, what began as a healthy hobby became an exercise addiction. The diary entries interspersed throughout add to the story’s vividness: readers are with Alford when she is chosen for Team Nike, share her shame over her obsession, and witness her determination to understand the roots of her illness. Only when Alford realizes she has become so unhealthy that she cannot get pregnant does she make significant changes, which lead to the restoration of her health and the birth of her daughter. Alford also includes photographs of herself, which show her journey from illness to health. Alford’s journey will appeal to those who can relate to an unhealthy obsession with health, regardless of their fitness level.

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