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What will you be called?

What will you be called?

No matter how many times you become a grandparent the thrill and joy when a new grand child, or a great grandchild arrives, never goes away.

Our 11 grandchildren have grown up in what seems like a blink of an eye. Now ten of our 11 grandchildren are 20 and 30-somethings and some are living independent lives. Our youngest grandson is nine years old and we have three great grandsons in our family.

Being a grandparent, a great grandparent, aunt, great aunt, or that special person in a child’s life is a privilege.

When our great grandsons were born the what-will-we-be-called question loomed on the horizon again. In modern blended families deciding on names to be called can be a problem. There can be teams of grandparents and your preferred names may be taken. Diplomacy and creativity will be essential.

Our new names as great grandparents came out of the blue. Without any discussion we became Grandma June and Grandpa Max.

I remember jumping to attention when I heard the familiar ‘Grandma’ distress call. I replied to the help call and was told very politely, ‘Not you Grandma June. I mean Grandma!’

‘Right!’ Our grandson’s precious Grandma, our daughter, took centre stage.

Our great grandsons are very savvy. They let us know we’re special in their lives. Ben always ends his phone calls to me – ‘Love you Grandma June.’

In Part Two, on Page 251, How to Thrive as a Grandparent there is more info to help new grandparents decide the name they will choose as a grandparent.


[An extract from Modern Grandparenting by June Loves.]