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Holistic Nutrition Book Launch

The Holistic Nutrition book launch was a wonderful event for our author Kate Callaghan. The MC for the night was Alison Morgan – one of Australia’s leading health & wellness industry connectors – when introducing Kate Callahan she spoke about the book being …“a fabulous platform for you to help all those women and families out there.  And I am so proud of you, congratulations”.  She also went on to say that she “loves the fact that Kate works with women to optimise their health, happiness and hormones…. through nurturing their bodies…”

Holistic Nutrition Book Signing

Kate Callaghan and book launch and signing

Holistic Nutrition The Book

Kate Callaghan, Alison Morgan and Sarah Wilson

The book was then officially launched by Sarah Wilson – “I Quit Sugar” – who spoke about the books holistic approach to female hormone health and the fact that Kate has “walked the talk” in her book and practice.

Focusing on hormone health as a way for women to overcome such issues as an under-active thyroid, obesity, pre-diabetes, PCOS, heart conditions and depression, Holistic Nutrition urges women to take a step back from the train harder, eat less attitude that has resulted in many unhappy women struggling with body image and poor hormone health.

Holistic Nutrition – Eat well, train smart and be kind to your body

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