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Depression-proofing your kids

Psychologist Andrew Fuller writes that about 20% of people experience depression at some time in their lives. That means that almost clinical psychologist and author Andrew Fullerevery family has someone with some times of depression. Unfortunately once someone has experienced depression, they are at far greater risk of feeling that way again. While I can’t guarantee that we can protect everyone from depression, there are things that we can do to make it less likely.
Sadness is not always bad
Everyone loves being happy but being sad at times is not such a bad thing. Sadness gives us time for thinking things over, sometimes
regretting things we have done and helps us to resolve to be better people. Feelings of sadness, disappointment and setbacks are part of human lives and without them we don’t live whole lives.
We all want our kids to be happy but know that there will be times they will be sad. Helping young people to know that they won’t be happy all the time is important. Realising that all feelings pass and that we can learn from the whole range of feelings, sadness included, is
part of being human.

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