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Holistic Nutrition Book Launch

The Holistic Nutrition book launch was a wonderful event for our author Kate Callaghan. The MC for the night was Alison Morgan – one of Australia’s leading health & wellness industry connectors – when introducing Kate Callahan she spoke about the book being …“a fabulous platform for you to help all those women and families out there.  And I am so proud of you, congratulations”.  She also went on to say that she “loves the fact that Kate works with women to optimise their health, happiness and hormones…. through nurturing their bodies…”

Holistic Nutrition Book Signing

Kate Callaghan and book launch and signing

Holistic Nutrition The Book

Kate Callaghan, Alison Morgan and Sarah Wilson

The book was then officially launched by Sarah Wilson – “I Quit Sugar” – who spoke about the books holistic approach to female hormone health and the fact that Kate has “walked the talk” in her book and practice.

Focusing on hormone health as a way for women to overcome such issues as an under-active thyroid, obesity, pre-diabetes, PCOS, heart conditions and depression, Holistic Nutrition urges women to take a step back from the train harder, eat less attitude that has resulted in many unhappy women struggling with body image and poor hormone health.

Holistic Nutrition – Eat well, train smart and be kind to your body

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Finch Memoir Prize for 2017 opens 3 August 2016

The Finch Memoir Prize for 2017 opens on 3 August 2016. Writers interested in entry their unpublished memoir can read more about the competition and download the entry form and terms and conditions here.


Book launch and free talk on children and technology

Children’s technology and development expert Dr Kristy Goodwin will give a free talk  in Manly covering everything you really need to know about balancing screen time and green time to celebrate the launch of her new book Raising Your Child in a Digital World. Parents and all interested parties welcome. The talk will take place from 7 – 8:30pm on Wednesday 29 June. RSVP essential: by close of business Monday 27 June.

Further details available in the invitation below.

Invitation Dr Kristy Goodwin_updated

Sacha Jones launches The Grass Was Always Browner in Glebe, Sydney

Join Finch Publishing and Sacha Jones for the Australian launch of her memoir The Grass Was Always Browner at Gleebooks in Glebe on Sunday afternoon 3 July. Further details in the invitation.

Book launch invitation Sunday 3 July Gleebooks

Book launch invitation Sunday 3 July Gleebooks

What I know about women

Psychologist, writer and editor Dr Time Sharp was profiled in a warm and insightful Hindsight column in Sunday Life.You can read the interview here.

Dr Sharp is the author of The Happiness Handbook and editor of Transformation: Turning Tragedy into Triumph



Mary Tennant wins 2016 Finch Memoir Prize for I Knew You’d Have Brown Eyes

18 May 2016 – Today at the Sydney Writers Festival publisher Rex Finch announced that retired WA nurse Mary TennantI Knew You'd Have Brown Eyes web has won the 2016 Finch Memoir Prize for her book I Knew You’d Have Brown Eyes.

Finch said, ‘This is a powerful story about the complexity of attempting to create a relationship between a birth mother and a child she gave up for adoption. Mary writes in a clear, simple style that clearly shows the hurt, vulnerability and longing of mothers who were compelled to put their children up for a forced adoption.’

Mary Tennant said that winning the Finch Memoir Prize was ‘exhilarating because Finch has provided an avenue for my story to reach a broader audience. I always knew my story was worth telling but I was unsure that I could write it in format in such a way that it would appeal to readers. It was very rewarding to be judged the winner by well-known and gifted authors.’

I Knew You’d Have Brown Eyes charts the journey of mother and child from an unhappy parting at birth through the changing of Australia’s adoption laws and a bitter-sweet reunification that stopped, stuttered and restarted before finally becoming a relationship.

Spanning forty years and set against a backdrop of changing social attitudes in Australia, it is the story of a young girl searching for meaning, coming to terms with her guilt and grief, and learning that breaking the silence brings empowerment.

How do you help your baby reach the milestone of 6,000 words by age 5?

Aged five, a child should know how to construct a reasonably complex sentence and understand around 6000 words. Weekender1Given the extent of my son’s linguistic skills (“Ma-ma” while looking at a toy, a book, a flower, his dad, or pretty much anything) this seems about as unattainable as dancing like Missy. As a parent, what should I be doing to help?

Child language experts Margaret Maclagan and Anne Buckley provide reassuring advice in this article from The Weekender.


Winner of 2016 Finch Memoir Prize announced 18 May at SWF

The 2016 short-list and winner of the Finch Memoir Prize will be announced at a function during the Sydney Writers Festival on Wednesday 18 May. The winner will go on to speak on a panel at 4:30pm on Thursday 19 May  on the topic ‘One Life, Many Worlds’, with Louise Adler, Zelda la Grange and Alexsander Hemon (event #72)

The Finch Memoir Prize is an annual publication prize for an unpublished memoir worth $10,000. The winner is chosen by an independent panel of three judges who are not connected with the publisher. The award was founded in 2010 by Finch Publishing director Rex Finch with the aim of encouraging Australian writers, published and unpublished, to commit to paper their life stories and thus add to the body of Australian creative non-fiction. Truth is stranger than fiction – which is probably why so many readers love to read the real-life accounts of their fellow men and women. Memoirs are also inspiring and uplifting, reflecting the resilience of the human spirit.

Film rights to the 2015 Finch Memoir Prize Winner, Schools of Fish by Alan Sampson, have been sold to Enjoy Productions.

Former Memoir Prize Winners

Memoir of a bush fire survivor

Christina Houen reviews All the Days After by Sue Gunningham, ‘a compelling story of a woman’sMemoir by Sue Gunningham grief and journey of love beyond Black Saturday’, on her blog Writing Lives.



Submitting your manuscript to Finch

You will find guidelines for submitting your manuscript to Finch Publishing here.

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