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Sacha Kaluri

Two Worlds of Your Teenager
  • Sacha Kaluri is Director of The Motivational Company and Co-founder/Director of the Australian Teenage Expo. She either spends her time organising Australia’s largest youth educational event or travelling all over Australia from school to school motivating, inspiring and entertaining young people with her fun, down to earth and real approach.

    Sacha Kaluri has been referred to as one of Australians leading youth career ambassadors. Through her stories and advice she activates youth about what is possible and gets them excited about the choices they have. She inspires them to make positive decisions and motivates them to get started while giving them confidence to go out and do it.

    Sacha now has two businesses and is a mother of two boys. She works very closely with a number of organisations including schools, juvenile detention centers, large corporations, not-for-profit organisations and local councils.

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