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Margaret Newman

  • Psychologist Margaret Newman is co-founder and co-director of Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney, which is a leader in the field of tertiary education in the areas of counselling and human change, including individual psychotherapy, couple and family therapy. Margaret Newman, a member of a stepfamily herself, brings to this book twenty-five years’ experience in the areas of individual, couple and family counselling. Stepfamily Life is a revised edition of her earlier book, Stepfamily Realities.


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  • Q & A with Margaret Newman, author of Stepfamily Life

    Why did you write Stepfamily Life?

    I wrote the book because I know, from more than twenty years of working with couples and families as a psychologist/couples therapist, that people can be helped greatly when they have information about the human condition.This book was written for people in (or about to enter) a stepfamily situation, so as to help them avoid and/or repair the many and varied pitfalls of stepfamily relationships. I also wanted to emphasise and encourage the positive aspects of stepfamily life.

    How would you summarise your book's key message?

    Stepfamily life is difficult, and without awareness, knowledge and skills relating to stepfamily dynamics it is more likely to fail than succeed. (This statement is based on a 60 percent failure rate of second marriages, and 70 percent for third).

    Any final advice for readers?

    Grab this book if you are connected to a stepfamily and also refer it to anyone else in this situation! It is a book that can be picked up and read at any point and is brimful of useful information, suggestions, encouragement and help. Finch Publishing has done a superb job putting it all together and producing a very user-friendly book.