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Bridget Isichei


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  • authorpicBridget has worked in the early childhood education sector in New Zealand, England, Thailand and Vanuatu. She has been recognised as an early childhood education (ECE) centre manager for achieving an ‘excellent rating’ ranking her ECE service in Australia’s top 30. Bridget has been nominated for the HESTA advancing pedagogy and practice award and has written for Australia’s most prominent early childhood education publication, Every Child Magazine. Bridget recently moved to Tauranga, New Zealand, where she lives with her husband, two children and two dogs..

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  • ‘Bridget Isichei’s book about the mutual impact of a young woman and an unknown land is my pick of the year. I can’t stop thinking about it. Road No Good is in that once-a-generation armful of books that becomes part of you and stays with you for life.’ - Ames Holbrook, author of Discharge and The Deporter


    ‘Bridget Isichel’s honest account, Road No Good, about her quest to make a difference is inspirational. - Robyn Ewing AM, Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts, University of Sydney