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Simple Living Panel discussion

11am, 16 November, 2014. Okines Community Garden, Dodges Ferry, Tasmania If you live in and around Hobart and Dodges Ferry, you can join a passionate and eclectic group of Tasmanians on 16 November to discuss how Living Simply can help bring about social and environmental change. Well-known ABC presenter Helen ...Read More

Upcoming events for mums October

Sarah O'Bryan, the author of Business & Baby at Home, is participating in two Sydney events this October: On 16 October, she'll be speaking at 'Woman Ignite Passion'. Buy your tickets here. On 20 October, she will be on Google Hangout with Motivating Mum. If you would like to have ...Read More


Why is there a link between the ability to breastfeed and postnatal depression?

The results of a major study of over 10,000 mothers by Cambridge University revealed that those who breastfeed are 50% less likely to suffer from postnatal depression (PND) than those who don't. The study also found that those women most at risk of developing PND are those who plan to ...Read More


Help to survive the tricky teen years

  Do you have a Tricky Teen at home? Fear not. Help is at hand from clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller, who will help you navigate the tricky shoals of tendon and still hang on to your jodi de vivre. Find out more here. ...Read More