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Book launch 3 May, 6:30pm Devonport, Auckland, NZ

Sacha Jones will launch her memoir The Grass Was Always Browner at the Devonport Library, Auckland on 3 May. Read a profile of Sacha in The Devonport Flagstaff. ...Read More

Memoir of a bush fire survivor

Christina Houen reviews All the Days After by Sue Gunningham, 'a compelling story of a woman's grief and journey of love beyond Black Saturday', on her blog Writing Lives.     ...Read More


Staff Pick: Book of He

What a pleasure it was to work on this book with Peter! I must have seen each cartoon at least 30 times and I still laugh every single time. Wry and sophisticated, with a touch of melancholy, this collection of cartoons is really an excuse to have a good laugh ...Read More

Staff pick: Becoming a Mother

Becoming a Mother: A journey of uncertainty, transformation and falling in love by Leisa Stathis I was very moved by Leisa's approach in this book – a deeply compassionate view of how women experience early motherhood. Some of the stories were powerful for me, particularly the one where she witnessed ...Read More


“Can You Say More About This?”

When I was writing the memoir chapter for Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall, I spent a lot of time crying and yelling at my husband. It went like this: Painfully, I would dredge up something about, say, the “opening” experience I had while I was at Cambridge, ...Read More

Your child and colour

You know all the colours of the rainbow; colour is such an automatic concept for us as adults – ‘Get me the red mug’, ‘I just bought a purple sweater’. But it’s really hard for small children to learn. Is the sun yellow because it’s round or because it’s too ...Read More