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Fit but not healthy

Vanessa Alford and Natasha Mitchell discuss exercise obsession, disordered eating and the consequences for your long term happiness and health on Life Matters, Radio National. Vanessa is the author of Fit not Healthy, available in paperback and ebook from 15 December 2014. ...Read More

Breastfeeding targets set up new mums to fail

It seems that the good old days when governments tried to prescribe what you did and didn't do within the privacy of their homes are not entirely gone. Did you know that the government has targets for breastfeeding? Journalist and author Madeleine Morris says we need to scrap these targets ...Read More


Tapping for calm to enhance your loving relationship

I’ve always been interested in what attracts people to one another. When I’ve asked men what made them choose their partner and how they knew she was the One, the answer I hear over and over again Is “she was normal”. I know, not quite the romantic accolades I was ...Read More

Why is there a link between the ability to breastfeed and postnatal depression?

The results of a major study of over 10,000 mothers by Cambridge University revealed that those who breastfeed are 50% less likely to suffer from postnatal depression (PND) than those who don't. The study also found that those women most at risk of developing PND are those who plan to ...Read More


Exercise addiction: Why I decided to tell my story

Fit NOT Healthy is my story about becoming addicted to exercise and my strong desire to remain lean. It is my story about overtraining, depriving my body of calories and punishing my body until it could take no more. The result - four years of unexplained, horrible symptoms. With a ...Read More

Author Louise Gabriel on how she changed from unlucky to lucky in love

Our guest today on our blog is author Louise Gabriel, who chats to us about how she changed her life by changing her focus. Louise is the author of Unsingle: The art and science of finding true love. She wants everyone to know that there is NOT a random love ...Read More