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Cronulla launch for The Happiness Quest

Join Lana Penrose to find out more about overcoming depression and finding happiness at the launch of her book The Happiness Quest tomorrow in Cronulla. Date and Time: 26 February, 7:30pm Venue: 2230 Restaurant and Bar, 134 Cronulla Street (opposite Cronulla train station) Host: The Best Little Bookshop in Town ...Read More

Gleebooks launch for Still a Pygmy

Still a Pygmy by Isaac Bacirongo and Michael Nest will be launched at Gleebooks on Saturday 21 March. Time: 3:30 for 4pm. Address: 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. RSVP for catering purposes to   ...Read More


Would you recognise the symptoms of exercise addiction?

One of the five key signs is that you have to exercise every day to feel normal. To discover the rest, read Kasey Edwards full article in Daily Life, in which she chats to Vanessa Alford. [caption id="attachment_1240" align="alignleft" width="150"] Vanessa Alford[/caption] Vanessa wrote her memoir Fit not Healthy after ...Read More

Tapping for calm to enhance your loving relationship

I’ve always been interested in what attracts people to one another. When I’ve asked men what made them choose their partner and how they knew she was the One, the answer I hear over and over again Is “she was normal”. I know, not quite the romantic accolades I was ...Read More


Depression survivors chat

Bianca Dye and Lana Penrose chat about overcoming depression and finding happiness in this i98fm interview ...Read More

Does Love need a new PR firm this Valentine’s Day?

Love needs a new publicist this Valentine’s Day. Whoever’s been doing love’s PR lately is a hack. People used to kill for it, die for it (not that either were necessarily a good thing), but it was up there with the best, the brightest, the most sought after and prized. ...Read More