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No Memoir Prize for 2019

Unfortunately, we will not be running the Finch memoir prize in 2019. We will be making some announcements soon in regards to the prize so stay tuned. ...Read More

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Finch News 009 – From Sam Miles

We have had an exciting month so far with one of our authors, Vicki Laveau-Harvie, appearing on ABC’s Conversations with Richard Fidler. That is a first for us so we were THRILLED!!!! It was a fantastic interview and even though I knew the story, I was really hooked! Vicki’s book, The Erratics, is ...Read More


Get to know Mr Ordinary author Wil Patterson in 11 questions in 11 Minutes

What is your idea of bliss? Getting up first while camping, preferably on a cool spring morning, starting the fire going, still in my pj’s, and the smell of the coffee starts to mingle with the smell of the campfire. I know there is nothing to achieve today except coffee, ...Read More

11 questions in 11 minutes with author Vicki Laveau-Harvie

What is your idea of bliss? My idea of bliss is a bookshop, big enough to browse in, good lighting, thoughtful displays, with somewhere to sit. Shelves full of books chosen by staff who read and love books, and who become my Best Book Friends Forever. If I can also ...Read More


Finch Publishing

In Praise of Small Presses by Laura Boon

What I love about working at Finch Publishing is how close-knit the team is and the broad range of tasks a person is exposed to. In a big publishing house, you stick to your department, in my case, publicity. At a small publisher, you’re exposed to everything. Your input is ...Read More

Steve Biddulph talks about the relationship between mother and son

Is there a more intense, challenging and yet heart-warming relationship in our lives? Well, possibly mothers and daughters, but that's a subject for another time.  When I wrote Raising Boys almost 25 years ago, I was aiming to solve one of the problems that most came along in my work with ...Read More