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Simon Kennedy reflects on the death penalty

Simon Kennedy is the author of 9/11 and the Art of Happiness in which he discusses the profound and ongoing impact his mum's death at the hands of terrorists had on him. In this op-ed for The Daily Telegraph, he talks about how the death penalty diminishes us all. ...Read More

TV and radio coverage of Still a Pygmy

7-8 March: SBS Weekend News at 6:30pm 9 March: Late Night Live with Phillip Adams (Radio National) at 10pm ...Read More


Would you recognise the symptoms of exercise addiction?

One of the five key signs is that you have to exercise every day to feel normal. To discover the rest, read Kasey Edwards full article in Daily Life, in which she chats to Vanessa Alford. [caption id="attachment_1240" align="alignleft" width="150"] Vanessa Alford[/caption] Vanessa wrote her memoir Fit not Healthy after ...Read More

Tapping for calm to enhance your loving relationship

I’ve always been interested in what attracts people to one another. When I’ve asked men what made them choose their partner and how they knew she was the One, the answer I hear over and over again Is “she was normal”. I know, not quite the romantic accolades I was ...Read More


Depression survivors chat

Bianca Dye and Lana Penrose chat about overcoming depression and finding happiness in this i98fm interview ...Read More

Love More Worry Less

...Read More