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Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Do you or your children suffer from FOMO? Clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller has some advice on how to manage your fears [embed][/embed] ...Read More

Author talks about experiences during and after Black Saturday fires

The Black Saturday fires of 2009 changes Sue Gunningham's life forever. Her partner Barry Johnstone died in the blazing fire which consumed their home near Kinglake, Victoria. She has written a memoir, All the Days After, about her experiences, her journey through grief and the healing process which include restoring ...Read More


Why our publisher Rex Finch loved reading Elvis and Me

For me, reading Elvis and Me contained marvellous surprises. Yes, there's the complex relationship between the two central characters – Elvis a grumpy neglected ex-racehorse, and Gillian a musician needing more fulfilment. But what captured me were the other, unexpected, layers. In essence, this story is really about the courage ...Read More

Ten Questions with Lana Penrose

Care For Kids published a feature 22 April on depression, especially as it affects mums. It included this Q&A with Lana Penrose, depression survivor and author of The Happiness Quest: 1. Tell us about yourself in 10 words or less I'm an everyday human being doing her best to care ...Read More


Hump Day Humour

An office giggle to tide you over until Friday from Peter Berner's forthcoming December book of cartoons, The Book of He.   ...Read More

The confusion of having a crying baby

Mum and qualified social worker Leisa Stathis reflects on the confusion and heartbreak of having a constantly crying baby and offers new mum's five helpful pieces of advice: ...Read More