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Mary Tennant wins 2016 Finch Memoir Prize for I Knew You’d Have Brown Eyes

18 May 2016 - Today at the Sydney Writers Festival publisher Rex Finch announced that retired WA nurse Mary Tennant has won the 2016 Finch Memoir Prize for her book I Knew You'd Have Brown Eyes. Finch said, ‘This is a powerful story about the complexity of attempting to create ...Read More

How do you help your baby reach the milestone of 6,000 words by age 5?

Aged five, a child should know how to construct a reasonably complex sentence and understand around 6000 words. Given the extent of my son's linguistic skills ("Ma-ma" while looking at a toy, a book, a flower, his dad, or pretty much anything) this seems about as unattainable as dancing like ...Read More


Book of the Month May 2016: The Grass Was Always Browner

Trans-Tasman author Sacha Jones loves the wry quirkiness that is distinct to Australian humour. She has used it liberally throughout her memoir recounting her adolescence in Frenchs Forest, Sydney, when all she wanted was to be Russian and a ballerina, not a regular girl in an ordinary boring suburb with ...Read More

Staff Pick: Book of He

What a pleasure it was to work on this book with Peter! I must have seen each cartoon at least 30 times and I still laugh every single time. Wry and sophisticated, with a touch of melancholy, this collection of cartoons is really an excuse to have a good laugh ...Read More


(Un)happy Mother’s Day

When Mothers' Day isn't a happy day ... Mother's Day is celebrated the world over as a day of remembering mothers; their love and their goodness, their kindness and their sacrifice. Breakfast is made by little fingers and served in bed, complete with wobbly, hand drawn cards and presents carefully ...Read More

“Can You Say More About This?”

When I was writing the memoir chapter for Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall, I spent a lot of time crying and yelling at my husband. It went like this: Painfully, I would dredge up something about, say, the “opening” experience I had while I was at Cambridge, ...Read More